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“We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”
- Thomas Edison

What do we OFFER?

Lighting Projects

We know the difference lighting can make.

Dimmer & Switches

Save $$$ with dimmers or get a different style with switches.

Home Rewire

Let us take the old wiring out and put the new ones. 

Circuit Restoration

Keep your loved ones safe and replace damaged circuits.

Ceiling Fan & Fixtures

Need more airflow throughout your house?

Panel Upgrades

Update your panel to keep your home safe for all you love.

is one of our biggest priorities. We are attentive to details to insure our estimates accurately reflect services and materials required.  Finishing projects not only in a timely fashion, but efficiently, and up to date with current NEC Code.
IMG_1706 (1).HEIC
Your home is an not just an investment to you, it is an asset.  West Electric is here to help maintain that value and provide you with the services needed to further the process of  bringing your dreams to a reality.
are handled with clear precise communication between our company, our client and other contractors to maintain optimal efficiency to ensure are clients have a smooth flowing project completed by our targeted dead line. 
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